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Just something I came across ….

Found this on the comment section of a National Post article :


All internet services, both wired and wireless, runs threw CSIS in Canada !”ALL” operating systems like Windows/Lynux/Apple etc. sends out remote access invitesto CSIS, where CSIS then bridges and “back webs” the signal to everyonesservers !……This makes CSIS the ADMINISTRATOR or everyones computers,allowing CSIS to spy on everyone 24/7 since 1995……..thats spying withoutCanadians knowledge/permission and warrants !!!    Thats why CSIS wanteda majority government, so they could get THEIR Bill C-30 passed ….henceCSIS’s robo calling……to get what they want !!!
CSIS is doing illegal and criminal activities here in Canada !They are TERRORIZING me daily after deleting/editing/ and plantingevidence against me in a court of law !…….Daily now, they crashmy computer, shut off my power, shut off my phone, tap my phone,and spy on me 24/7 with Bill Gates’ SPYNET…called Windows OS !!!…yes……Microsoft is SPYNET !……and its world wide !
CSIS did the robo calling, thats why Harper and all the other parties don’t know about it !CSIS wanted …and got….a majority government to get THEIR BILL C-30 passed !….thats why MP Vic Toews doesn’t know whats in the bill  !!!
We need to discuss this Premier Wall, along with all other Canadians !
None of us should be terrorized by CSIS…….what they are doing is illegal/
criminal/ and just wrong !…….I have no family or friends left thanks to them…
and most days I don’t have a phone or internet, because CSIS will NOT
let me have or keep these things !
Lloyd Pletz

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